BW Ideol seeks to be a good corporate citizen and places due respect on the impact its business activities may have on employees, partners, suppliers, investors and the societies in which the Company is present.

As project developer and technology provider of renewable energy production solutions, sustainability is at the core of BW Ideol's mission and integrated in the company long-term value creation.

Mission & values

BW Ideol is guided by its mission and values, which distil the Company’s ambition to contribute positively to the well-being of people, sustainable development of our planet as well as value creation and prosperity for all.

Our core values

Social responsability

BW Ideol seeks to be an inclusive employer and believes that equality and diversity among employees and management contributes positively to the work environment and strengthens competitiveness and performance. There is no discrimination due to gender, nationality, culture or religion with respect to remuneration, promotion or recruitment. The Group is committed to recognise diversity and ensure equal opportunities, including fair employment conditions.

Our 2021 key figures


In 2022, BW Ideol has defined several lines of work, including : 

  • A strong investment in employees training and competencies to promote well-being at work and maintain a low turnover rate
  • The promotion of diversity and launching of an internal women network to improve the gender balance

Environmental impact

BW Ideol is about supporting the transition to a net zero society and creating long-term value for its stakeholders with positive impacts for society at large. BW Ideol develops renewable energy solutions in a responsible manner. By leveraging its experienced organisation, capabilities and unique technology, the Company enables a transition to green electricity and the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions in the areas the Company operates.

Moreover, compared to other technologies, floating offshore wind has inherent environmental advantages, such as:

  • access to better wind conditions resulting in higher production of electricity and lower intermittence, and therefore a reduction in production cost per MWh,
  • reduced impact on the surrounding environment, including visual, noise, fishing and commercial shipping.

The Company seeks to minimise negative impacts of its operating activities and asset investments, while creating material positive effects through responsible development of local value chains.

Within the frame of our Management system, we intend to reconcile the achievement of our strategic objectives while carry out a process of continuous improvement on the
quality of our products and our environmental performance. BW Ideol's Quality & Environment policy (in French) summarizes our commitment in this area. 


Governance, ethics & business conduct

The Management and the Board are responsible for ensuring that the Company conducts its business with integrity and with due focus on sustainable and responsible operations and that it applies principles for sound corporate governance. The Board holds the highest authority in the Company’s decision-making hierarchy to approve matters of significance. BW Ideol has adopted a Corporate Governance (CG) policy aligned with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance and provides a separate CG report in the Annual Report.

The Company is committed to conduct business in a fair, ethical and transparent manner by adhering to the principles and guidelines stated in :

The Company strives to be a good corporate citizen and uphold the highest ethical and responsibility standards. In 2022-2023, BW Ideol intends to develop a more comprehensive structure for management and monitoring of ESG objectives by defining a chain of command and proper policies and guidelines.


ISO 9001


BW Ideol’s Management System is ISO 9001 v2015 certified since 2017.

BW Ideol is also progressing on the ISO 14001 certification process ; the certification is targeted in mid-2023.



BW Ideol Sustainability





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岩手県沖における浮体式洋上風力発電の共同事業化に向けた 取り組みについて

東北電力株式会社(本社:宮城県仙台市、取締役社長 社長執行役員:樋口 康二郎)と、BW Ideol(本社:仏国ラ・シオタ市、CEO:Paul De La Guérivière [ポール・ド・ラ・ゲリビエール])は、両社が見据える岩手県久慈市沖における商業規模の浮体式洋上風力発電の共同事業化に向けた実現可能性調査を開始いたしましたことを、お知らせいたします。



ENEOS株式会社との日本国内における 浮体式洋上風力発電の共同事業開発契約の締結について


BW Ideol

IdeolはBW Ideolになりました。

Ideolは、従来のチームやテクノロジーを変更することなく、また創業者を主要株主として、BW Ideolになります。BW Ideolは、BW Offshore社のオフショアエネルギー生産システムの実行や運用に関する豊富な経験を活用し、成長を加速させ、この活況を呈している市場におけるリーディングポジションを強固にするための独自の立場に立つことになります。