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Ideol’s floating wind turbine off Japan officially inaugurated after months at sea

​​​​​​​The NEDO, Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, owner of the project, announced in late May that the so-called Hibiki floating offshore wind turbine has satisfied all permitting requirements and has officially been inaugurated.

Hibiki was tugged from Kitakyushu Port on the 29th of August 2018, and arrived at the site before facing three super-typhoons (Category-5, super typhoon by SSHWS) just after the installation. The floating wind turbine based on Ideol’s patented Damping Pool confirms its excellent seakeeping performance already witnessed on Ideol’s Floatgen project.

The construction and offshore installation of this very promising full-scale demonstrator is the result of an extensive collaboration between the Hitachi Zosen yards and Ideol’s internationally recognized design and engineering teams, successfully meeting all local and particularly demanding certification requirements in the process.

Ideol is the only floating wind technology provider with two full-scale demonstrators in 2 of the most strategic floating wind markets with  :
  • two different hull material (concrete and steel)
  • two different mooring material (nylon and chain)
  • two different standards and class requirements
  • two different wind turbines
These units and a successfull collaboration with large international corporations throughout the construction and installation phases are unique assets when preparing oneself for tomorrow’s commercial-scale deployments.


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