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Ideol and Shizen join forces in Japan to develop a commercial-scale floating wind farm

  • Tokyo

Ideol and Shizen Energy, a leading Japanese renewable specialist, have expressed a formal intention to collaborate on the development of a commercial-scale floating wind project located off Kyushu using Ideol’s technology. This agreement was signed in Tokyo by Mr Paul de la Guérivière, CEO of Ideol, and Mr Masaya Hasegawa, Representative Director of Shizen Energy, during the state visit of Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic. Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Economy, attended the signing ceremony.

A collaboration to develop a commercial-scale floating wind project off Kyushu

This multi-MW project will draw upon Ideol’s patented Damping Pool® technology and Shizen’s extensive experience in local project development. Currently, Ideol and Shizen Energy are jointly examining the implementation of floating offshore wind power projects in Kyushu and are also considering expanding the partnership to other regions in the future.

Paul de la Guériviere was part of the French President business delegation

This agreement coincides with recent senior recruitments to shore up its local sales and engineering subsidiary. Paul de la Guérivière's presence in the delegation of business leaders accompanying the French President confirms the willingness of France and Japan to collaborate on the subject of renewables and on floating offshore wind in particular.  

Paul de la Guérivière Emmanuel Macron
Paul de la Guériviere was invited to accompany Emmanuel Macron in Japan

“With our two full-scale demonstrators in operation in France and in Japan, as well as a pre-commercial wind farm under development in the French Mediterranean, Ideol and its patented Damping Pool® technology are at the forefront of a cost competitive and rapidly accelerating floating offshore wind industry. We are very excited by another collaboration agreement in this strategic market for Ideol; this truly confirms that our technology is recognized as having the highest potential at a commercial-scale level” said Paul de la Guérivière, CEO of Ideol.

Masaya Hasegawa, founder of Shizen Energy said : “Working on floating wind projects in Japan means to expand the country’s potential of renewable energy significantly, as the country is surrounded by sea areas with deep water and complex geographies. This is especially valuable challenge for Shizen Energy, aim to co-create 100 % renewable-powered world. We believe that our collaboration will accelerate the potential of renewable energy in Japan.” 

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