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Ideol and Elicio team up in Scotland to develop floating wind projects with the highest level of local added-value

  • Aberdeen

Ideol and Elicio, a leading offshore wind farm developer and operator, have decided to join forces to co-develop floating wind projects in Scottish waters.
Ideol and Elicio are currently preparing a joint offer for the upcoming ScotWind leasing to be launched by Crown Estate Scotland.

A unique combination of expertise

Ideol has a proven track record demonstrating a unique expertise and unparalleled high local employment and high local sourcing capabilities with two floating wind turbines operating successfully on two different continents (Floatgen in Europe and Hibiki in Asia) since 2018. With this partnership, Ideol confirms its in-house capabilities and ambitions to take on floating wind projects from the early-stage development phase. Moreover and with its exceptionally compact, shallow-draft and market-transforming Damping Pool® technology, Ideol confirms once again that a floater built in concrete in local harbors offers the only opportunity to combine cost-competitiveness, serial production and real local development.

Find out how Ideol led the construction of Floatgen's concrete floater


Elicio is among the reference partners in the Norther and Otary offshore wind projects in the Belgian Nord Sea. With Norther (370 MW ~ 50 % Elicio) and Rentel (309 MW ~ 12.5 % Elicio), Elicio has two operational offshore wind farms covering the needs of almost 250.000 families yearly. Elicio is also participating in the development of the Seamade offshore wind farm (487,2 MW ~ 8.75 % Elicio), aiming to be operational by end 2020.

Creation of local added value

Construction of a floater at quayside
Construction of Floatgen's floater at Saint-Nazaire harbour, only a few kilometers away from the installation site

Combining the track-record of Ideol in floating wind and the experience of Elicio in offshore wind offers a unique value proposition maximising certainty of a successful project development, based on the effective creation of a Scottish supply chain, a competitive LCOE and a proven floating technology.

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