BW Ideol teams up with Taiya Renewable Energy for both pilot and commercial-scale projects in Taiwan

BW Ideol has signed a partnership agreement with Taiya Renewable Energy for the joint development, subject to further due diligence and negotiation of the final agreements among the Parties, of a floating offshore wind pipeline including a 50 MW floating wind pilot-project and commercial-scale projects off Taiwan.

The two-fold agreement first covers the development of a pilot project in response to the specific tender announced by the Taiwanese government this August. BW Ideol is granted the exclusive EPCI contract to design, engineer, build and install the floating foundations based on its proven and highly competitive Damping Pool technology.  Subject to the project reaching final investment decision, COD is targeted before the end of 2026, with construction expected to start as early as 2025.

The partnership agreement also covers the joint development of several commercial-scale projects. Environmental Impact Assessment efforts are ongoing to ensure a timely qualification by the time the tenders are officially launched.

“We are pleased to pursue the growth of our global project pipeline, in line with our dual-leg strategy as co-developer and as technology and EPCI services provider. We are happy to join forces with Taiya  and benefit from its strong local footprint and experience in engaging with local stakeholders.  We look forward to actively contributing to the acceleration of commercial-scale floating offshore wind in Taiwan and further strengthen our already strong Asian presence” said Paul de la Guérivière, CEO of BW Ideol.

Based in Taiwan, Taiya is a local renewable energy development team that focuses on site selection and development of offshore wind farm. Through environmental impact assessment and sound communication with local community, Taiya proactively responds to the policies of competent authorities. 

Richard Liu, GM of Taiya Renewable said, “Taiya is honored to sign the agreement with BW Ideol. BW Ideol is a highly competitive and leading integrated floating wind platform without a doubt. As a Taiwan local renewable energy development team, our local strength is on site selection of good developing conditions with limited environmental impacts. By joining force with BW Ideol, the two companies can strategically connect together for asset co-developer and technical expertise in the floating offshore wind industry.”

About BW Ideol
BW Ideol is a leading fully integrated platform in floating offshore wind with more than 12 years of experience from design, execution and development of floating wind projects based on Ideol S.A.'s patented floating offshore wind technology and engineering capabilities. The company has a dual-leg growth strategy as a floater EPCI and maintenance services provider and as a wind-farm project developer and co-owner. BW Ideol has two full-scale offshore floating wind turbines in operation in France and Japan, a significant project pipeline, and is supported by BW Offshore's extensive experience from developing and operating offshore energy production systems.

About TAIYA Renewable Energy
TAIYA is a renewable energy company that is dedicated to the development, planning and design, engineering and construction, O&M, and asset management of offshore wind farms and strives to make use of advanced international technology for the establishment of a local development team to create local synergy and explore international collaboration. The team comprises of members with extensive experience in the areas of stakeholder relationship, local supply chain, project development, project financing, and permitting.


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