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BW Ideol and Ardersier Port Authority have signed a strategic partnership agreement

Ardersier Port Authority and BW Ideol have signed a formal partnership agreement on September 20. Under this agreement, BW Ideol has gained an exclusive and long-term access to Ardersier Port for the manufacturing of concrete floaters and both Parties have agreed to explore the set-up of a serial production line dedicated to the delivery of locally manufactured floating wind substructures based on BW Ideol’s proven Damping Pool ® technology.

The Ardersier Port site is the largest brownfield port in the United Kingdom. The site comprising 400 acres of port area with access to a 2.2km quay and 350 acres of statutory harbour authority has been identified as one of three sites on the East coast of the United Kingdom with the size, scale, shape, and location capable of being an Offshore Renewable Energy Hub Port. By signing this partnership, BW Ideol is securing a unique access to a strategic asset, unlocking the bottleneck of port infrastructure availability in Scotland. It further confirms its ability to industrialize the manufacturing of its solution and its leading position on the fast-growing Scottish floating wind market.

Dredging works will commence in October with the port targeting a completion by August 2022.

Paul de la Guérivière, CEO of BW Ideol, declared: “The Scottish government has actively initiated the development of a large floating wind industry in Scotland through the Scotwind Leasing and the launch of a consultation for a new Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore wind for Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas Decarbonisation. This pipeline of projects represents a unique opportunity to create a dedicated supply chain in Scotland. Faithfull to its industry-leading track record in terms of local value creation, BW Ideol hereby reaffirms its strong commitment to manufacture floaters in Scotland, creating a sustainable floating wind industry and maximizing local content in the process.”

Steven Regan of Ardersier Port Authority stated: “The UK has set a world leading net zero target to build back better which means building back greener. This strategic partnership allows us to work towards bringing an essential manufacturing facility to Scotland which complements our vision of using circular economy practices to deliver the United Kingdoms Energy Transition plans. At Ardersier we will deliver a world class multi disciplinary facility of a unique scale that will provide long term sustainable benefits to clients and communities.”

More details on the new Port Masterplan will be provided during a signing ceremony to come.

BW Ideol is part of the Floating Energy Allyance, a partnership that has submitted applications to Scotwind Leasing.

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